use public transportation reduce pollution


Use public transportation reduce pollution, what is that meaning? this is simple think when you use personal transportation you will consume fuel to vehicle and also produce smoke (let's say pollution, because if we breath from this smoke we will die, haha, maybe it's not that simple). But when you use public transportation, the capacity is much larger than personal vehicle, let's say 10 people in it, so only use one vehicle can reduce 9 people pollution. Imagine if many people use public transportation, you can calculate how much our environment will get healthy.

use public transportation reduce pollution

Another reason why we should use public transportation is energy, you know transportation need energy to make it move, fuel is the energy. But fuel is not eternal, at least we can not reproduce it. We can reproduce tree that become source of fuel, but not fuel itself. So we need to save it.

Remember few week ago, all of civilization get confused because government will increase price of fuel. What they reaction? many people disagree and become angry and push government to reject that decision. We can imagine when some day, if source of fuel is empty, where we will complain? to government?

Actually there are still a problem when we use public transportation, public transportation in indonesia is not safe, especially in jakarta. Many violence, pickpocket and impostor is sill drift from another transportation, and also safety problem from vehicle itself. We hope that our governor will solve this problem so we can enjoy at transportation, because we still need public transportation to reduce pollution.
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